Roll of Honour

The SAGT WorldWise Quiz has been running for a number of years and has produced winning teams from throughout the country.

Roll of Honour

2018 Mackie Academy, Stonehaven

2017 Stewart’s Melville College, Edinburgh

2016 Stewart’s Melville College, Edinburgh

2015 Wood Farm High School, Glasgow

2014 Hawick High School, Borders

2013 Stewart’s Melville College, Edinburgh

2012 …

2011  …

2010 Aberdeen Grammar School

2009 Stewart’s Melville College

2008 Stewart’s Melville College

2007 Aberdeen Grammar School

2006 Aberdeen Grammar School

2005 Bell Baxter Higher School

2004 Stewart’s Melville College

2003 Hutcheson’s Grammar School

2002 Stewart’s Melville College

2001 Hutcheson’s Grammar School

2000 Glen Urquhart High School

1999 Queen Margaret Academy, Ayr

1998 Glen Urquhart High School

1997 Glen Urquhart High School

1996 Stewart’s Melville College

1995 Hutcheson’s Grammar School

1994 Woodmill High, Dunfermline

1993 Grove Academy, Dundee & Woodmill High, Dunfermline

Could you add your school name to the list this year?