SQA Higher Geography Consultation

In 2016 a wide ranging consultation about the Higher Geography Course was carried out by the Subject Implementation Manager.

SQA are requesting feedback on possible changes to the Higher Geography course – these changes are based on the outcome of that consultation. 

SAGT would appreciate if members could complete the questionnaire in addition please share the document with other geography teachers in your schools and local authorities. 

Please return the completed questionnaire to joan.highton@sqa.org.uk by Friday 24th November 2017. 

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2 thoughts on “SQA Higher Geography Consultation

  1. Ruth Bone says:

    It would be good to have the choice brought back into the higher like old Paper 1. This allows pupils to work to their strengths and means more of the course is being asked in the exam. With new Higher it can be that numerous topics do not come up e.g. biosphere and pupils don’t have the chance to answer a question on it.
    I also would like to see river features back in the exam I think they need it for Advanced Higher.


  2. Catriona Bsyliss says:

    Should go back to 2 papers. One for physical and human, one for global issues and skills.
    Stop the assignment it is a memory test and even the best pupils find it challenging to get full marks.
    Allocate more marks per question. A 5 mark question allows little to differentiate a fail from a C and a C from an A


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