Vacancy on SAGT committee – Treasurer required. 

Do you want to have more of a say in SAGT at committee level? Would you like to add to your CV? Do you have good numeracy skills?

Marjorie is stepping down as treasurer in October and we would really like a committed SAGT member who could step into her shoes.The post will officially start in October but it would be a good idea if you could shadow her for a few months prior to this .

The treasurer would be required to attend 4 full committee meetings and 4 executive meetings each year, be responsible for the full SAGT accounts and expenses and will receive a small enumeration, and expenses, for this job.

Tasks of the Treasurer:                       
To maintain accurate records of SAGT finances
To run the SAGT accounts
To complete the documentation required for the bank accounts
To complete the documentation required for auditors
To complete the documentation required for OSCR
To pay expenses to Committee /Exec
To liaise with President
To liaise with Subs secretary re subs bank account
To liaise with Conference Convenor re conference account
To pay invoices / costs of SAGT incurred expenses e.g. CPD events
To produce a report / accounts for Executive meetings / committee meetings/ AGM
To book and pay for venue for meetings
To gather the applications for travel grants and to present to committee for their consideration
To “keep an eye” on income / costs

If you would like to enquire about the vacancy please email: