Changes to assessment of SQA National 5 Geography


These changes will take effect from session 2017-18 onwards.
More detailed information will be provided in the revised Course Specifications, which will be available by the end of April 2017.

There will be no change to the assignment; however the revised Course Specification will provide further clarification on the conditions for assessment. The assignment will continue to be worth 20 marks and will now be worth 20% of the course assessment.

Changes to exam
The question paper will be extended to include more questions and the number of marks will increase from 60 marks to 80. The duration of the exam will therefore also increase. Candidates will be asked to answer questions on physical environments (including a choice from two questions relating to the type of landscape studied) and human environments. Candidates will also answer two questions, from a choice of six, on global issues. The exam will now be worth 80% of the course assessment.

The information above has been reposted from the SQA website.

SQA have also publish a document:
Changes to assessment of National Courses: Your Questions Answered