Geography: it’s the must-have Higher…

The text that follows is part of an article written in the Guardian 13th August 2015 and whilst it relates to A level Geography there is much here that is true for our students too here in Scotland.

“Geography is a subject for our times. It is inherently multidisciplinary in a world that increasingly values people who have the skills needed to work across the physical and social sciences. Geographers get to learn data analysis, and to read Robert Macfarlane. They learn geographic information systems. They can turn maps from a two-dimensional representation of a country’s physical contours into a tool that illustrates social attributes or attitudes: not just where people live, but how, what they think and how they vote. They learn about the physics of climate change, or the interaction of weather events and flood risk, or the way people’s behaviour is influenced by the space around them.

All these are not just intrinsically interesting and valuable. They also encourage ways of seeing and thinking that make geographers eminently employable, which is why, according to the latest information from the Higher Education Careers Services Unit, only 5.8% of geography graduates were still job-hunting six months after they graduated, against an average of 7.3%.”

There are further comments from the Royal Geographical Society specifically relating to increased uptake of Geography in England and Wales

Our colleagues at the Scottish Royal Geographical Society (RSGS) based in Perth have been working on producing some excellent materials which will enable us to further promote Geography to our students and points out the value of studying Geography at National 4/5, Higher, Advanced Higher and beyond. These will be available to all teachers in due course.

The link below is to a piece written by Mike Robinson CEO of RSGS “everyone is a geographer”