UK Geography Worldwise Challenge Weekend 2014


On Friday 16th May the Scottish champion Worldwise Quiz team from 2013 travelled to Exmoor National Park to take part in the UK Geography Worldwise Challenge weekend.  Their base was the geography field centre at Nettlecombe Court and their task for the weekend was to develop an answer to the question ‘Is Exmoor National Park achieving its three objectives : to conserve and enhance the Park’s wildlife and cultural heritage; to further education, understanding and enjoyment by tourists in the Park; and finally to foster economic and social wellbeing for the Park’s locals?’  Each team was to use a full day of fieldwork on the Saturday to gather evidence and build an answer. This was undertaken at Dunkery Beacon, Wheddon Cross, Exford, Porlock Weir and Dunster. On Sunday, teams were challenged to give their presentations to two different judging panels from the Geographical Association and Field Studies Council.  The prize for best presentation was shared, for the first time in the Challenges’ history, between two schools: Manor High School and Charter’s School. However, one of the three individual fieldwork prizes was awarded to Alastair Haddow from the SMC team which was a great achievement. Congratulations to all three boys who took part: Craig Lennie, Mauricio Gibson and Alastair Haddow.  Some of the team had to take time out from their SQA revision programme to be able participate so this was a fine effort by them.

Keith Turnbull, Head of Geography – Stewart’s Melville College